Shipping/Deposits/Health Guarantee
Shipping/Deposits/Health Guarantee


Shipping is no longer allowed in Cargo. But I do have a few puppy nanny  available to help with this option. She is generally 400 to most locations and is amazing. They hand deliver the puppy to you and it rides in the cabin with them to the destination. Very safe and easy. So contact me for more details if you need or want more information on this option.


Deposits are 350 on pet puppies or 500 on show puppies and are non refundable. If you change your mind or want to wait for another future litter the deposit can be moved to that litter upon my approval. You will have four business days to get the deposit to me unless other arrangements have been made and approved by me. If i have not received it by this time the puppy will go back up for adoption.

We have paypal and Venmo for deposits as well as mailing a deposit. When you put a deposit on a puppy for me to hold I will need all your information at that time. Name, address and two phone numbers will be needed. I accept for the deposit only personal checks or paypal. Paypal charges me a 3.5% fee to use their services and that must be paid by the buyer. Please do not send a paypal payment without contacting me first. I can send you a money request and it makes it alot easier to pay thru paypal. The puppy must be paid in full by six weeks unless other arrangements have been made and approved of by me. If no arrangements or payments have been made the puppy will be re-listed for sale and you lose your deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!

Balances on puppies must be paid in cash on pickup no exceptions.

Pay pal link is then go under my email at to send money for your puppies, deposits or shipping. And you must add 3.5 percent to the total for the paypal fees! I now also have Venmo and if its a deposit there are a few other options. Please just ask :)

    Our Health Guarantee!


                                   SULLIVAN'S BOSTON TERRIERS HEALTH GUARANTEE


We offer a one year health guarantee. We offer this puppy to be full blooded. Upon execution of this contract the buyer does transfer title and interest of this puppy to the buyer. Our kennel has made every effort to supply you with a healthy nice quality puppy. We guarantee all shots and worming have been done according to their age. We make no guarantee that this puppy could or could not have faults that would make them unable to be used for show or breeding purposes. I the breeder offers no guarantee of size, color or conformation when fully grown. I guarantee this puppy again life threatening congenital defects that would be fatal or life threatening. This includes life threatening issues with the Kidney, Heart, Pancreas, Spine and Liver problems. It is the buyer's responsibility to take this puppy to a licensed vet within 48 hours of taking responsibility of this puppy. If possession occurs on a Saturday or Sunday the buyer will have another 24hours to have this done. A copy of the vet visit must be returned to the breeder within one week or this contract will be null and void. If at this exam, the puppy is found to have a life threatening congenital defect a replacement puppy  or replacement price will be given, by choice of the breeder. This is provided the buyer contacts the breeder within 34 hours of the exam and the puppy is promptly returned to the breeder with a signed statement from two vet's stating the defect or problem. All paperwork must be returned at this time also. The breeder will send another puppy or give you the options for a future puppy upon verification of the problem by my licensed vet.


We are not responsible for Parvo, Distemper, Corona Virus as these are highly contagious diseases and can be transmitted immediately after leaving the breeder. We do not guarantee against Coccidiosis, Giardia or worms. Please keep your puppy of of unknown surfaces until the puppy is at least 16 weeks of age and has had all of their vaccinations. This will help prevent them from contacting parvo and distemper or any other communicable diseases.


*Coccidosis is a bacterial infection brought on by stress or diet change. Shipping and sudden changes in food or environment can trigger an episode of this in some puppies that experience stress and fear during the processes. As a new owner just keep in mind that the puppy you purchase is kept in the cleanest environment possible and may still present you with coccidia upon arrival in a new environment solely due to the stress of changing homes.


*Giardia is an infection brought on by infected drinking water.


There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factor, ex. Allergies, throid dysfunction, and Demodectic mange that are not covered by this guarantee. We do not cover such as cherry eye, elongated palate, hernias, stenotic nares, teeth misalignment or any factors that do not hinder normal functions. The breeder guarantee's this puppy for its first 12 months of life to be free from congenital defects. Replacement will be first available puppy of equal value and same sex and there is no way to guarantee it will be from the same parents or litter. No money will be refunded and under no circumstances will the breeder be responsible for vet bills or traveling expenses. This contract is valid for the original owners only. Upon transfer of this dog to another person this contact becomes null and void. In any event the buyer is responsible for transporting the puppy back to the breeder.


The puppy will need a few days to adjust to the new surroundings and change in food and water. It is not abnormal for a puppy to experience some mild diarrhea from the change. Some loss of appetite is also normal.


All puppies are up to date on shots and wormer according to their age. You will receive a health record showing all the information on the care they have received at this point. Please obtain a new vet as soon as possible to follow through with the rest of the vaccinations and check ups.


My puppies are wormed with panacur at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age. The first shots are given at 5 weeks and the second at 8 weeks. They are given a 5 in 1 vaccine only! Puppies are not protected against parvo or any of the other diseases until they have had all of their vaccines. Rabies vaccines are not given until they have reached 14 weeks or more.


****Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully and that this contract is solely under the jurisdiction of the State of  Louisiana and the parish of Livingston. It is agreed that any legal issues or court proceedings concerning the puppy purchased under this contract for any reason will be resolved in the sellers parish of Livingston. This extends to internet sales across state lines as well.




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