Shipping/Deposits/Health Guarantee
Shipping/Deposits/Health Guarantee


Ch Maximums N Sullivan's Good Fortune-Asher

Jhc-Non Carrier               Baer-Normal              Patella's Normal            Cardio-Normal           Weight 19.0

Sullivan's Random Acts of Kindness-Maddox

Jhc Non carrier              Baer-Normal                Patella's Normal                  Cardio-Normal         Weight 16.2 lbs

    Eli-Crazy Crys Phenomenon

Jhc Clear                      Patella-Normal                   Cardio-Normal                           Weight 22.6

Zephyr-Yankee's Zephyr Winds of              the West

Jhc Clear              Patella-Normal           Cardio-Normal                           Weight 19lbs


Sullivan's Delight-Eden

                              Jhc Clear                 Patella-Normal              Cardio-Normal                                     Weight 16lbs

Sullivan's Pursuit of Wisdom- Sophie

                                Patella-Normal                      Cardio-Normal                                                           17lbs

Sullivan's Anything is Possible-Hope

Jhc-Non Carrier          Cardio-Normal                   Patella-Normal                                                              Weight 13lbs

Electra-Sullivan's Shining Example

         Jhc clear           Cerf-Normal           Patella-Normal         Cardio-Normal                        Weight 17lbs

Teagan-Sullivan's Striving for Excellence

Jhc Clear     Patella-Normal         Cardio-Normal    Baer-Normal                                     Weight 13lbs

   Diva-Sullivan's Drama Queen

Jhc Clear          Baer-Normal                                                                                                       Weight 15lbs

Faith-Sullivan's Have a Little                Faith

Jhc Clear   

Grace-Sullivan's Unparalleled                    Grace

Jhc Clear  

                                                                          Pic's Coming Soon!

When my adults reach retirement age I spay or neuter them and place them in homes. Usually I do this around 5-6 years of age so that they still have plenty of time to be spoiled rotten and be a part of their new families. Unfortunately I cannot keep them all and this is necessary to keep producing pet and show puppies for the future!

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