Shipping/Deposits/Health Guarantee
Shipping/Deposits/Health Guarantee

       Available Puppies

We offer puppies to pet homes(with spay/Neuter agreement) or to approved homes with show and or breeding rights. Deposits are $350.00 and are deducted from the cost of the puppy. Our pet puppies are 1500. Show puppies and breeding rights depend also on the parents. Please contact me for more information on those litters. I have the right to deny the sale of any puppy and I will get the first choice in any litter that arrives if I choose to keep one back. We are trying to produce better bloodlines, personality and of course healthier puppies. That is our main goal! We do show also so we will keep some of the puppies back for evaluation.

IF you have colored dogs or want to use my puppies for colors please read below:

I have worked very hard for the last 15 years to improve my lines and to produce the best quality dogs that I can. Health wise and looks! The one thing that I do not allow is breeding any dogs from me to colored dogs. It is an agreement that has to be made to get a puppy with rights from me! I do not want my dogs used to try and improve the colored lines. Sorry if that is not what you want but it is my request and my right to ask as a breeder. If you have any questions please get with me on this. 

Puppies have arrived :) They are on hold like every litter until their 6 week vet checks and evaluations! Then I will go down my open rights deposit list! At this time I am not sure what we will or will not have available. 

Ziva/Eli puppies arrived 1-29-24

5 total puppies arrived for this pairing :) 4 girls and 1 boy. I do have a deposit waiting list posted if you want to see that. But we do not have any deposits for boys at this time on this litter. So one will be available. This pair is 15lbs and 23lbs. Mom and dad are jhc clear, patella, cardio, baer and cerf normal. Both are laid back and very sweet dogs. They will be ready for new homes around March 25th and I will update pics weekly. Please contact me if you would like to know more info. Like all litters we hold them back until 6 weeks of age for vet checks, baer testing and evaluation before any choices are made.


Rogue-Akc Male-Full Rights $2500

He will be vet checked and Baer tested on March 11th once he turns 6 weeks old. Parents are both jhc clear, patella, cardio, baer and cerf normal. Parents are 13 & 23 lbs. More pics available upon request. These were taken 2-25 at 4 weeks of age

Raya-Akc Female-Full Rights $2500

She will be vet checked at 6 weeks around March 11th and Baer tested. Parents are 13 & 23 lbs. Health tested clear or normal for Jhc , Patella, cardio, Baer and cerf. 

Grace/Cooper puppies arrived 2-14

We have 4 total puppies. 1 female and 3 males. I have a long waiting list for females so pretty sure she is spoken for. I only have 2 deposits for boys and 4 available. So I know I will have at least 2 of the current boys available just not sure which. These will be for the open rights list! All are on hold until they turn 6 weeks and have vet checks/baer testing. Then I will go down the deposit list. Once that is done I will post if any are available at that time. Parents are 13-14 and 12.5 lbs. Both champion lines and health tested normal/clear.

The prices of puppies depends on the parents and the types of registration. But pet puppies are 1800 and anything with rights will be 2500. Way too much work, time and money going into the raising, testing, improving my program,  and showing to accept any less. I have always kept the prices as low as I can and these prices are still lower than some of the ones out there. If you have any questions please let me know.

The deposit list as of 2-5-24

Some of these may wait, some want show prospects and some need unrelated dogs so this is not set in stone. I do go down this order though for every litter and they can choose or pass to wait on the next litter. Same process with each litter as they arrive. You do not have to choose the puppy you can always wait on the next one and so forth. 


Full Right/Show Females


Kathy A-

Brandi W

Jody K


Debbie C

Teri T

Pat G

Misty E


Full Rights/Show Males



Kathy B



Female Limited or pet list


Chris L



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