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Sullivan's Previous Babies that were born and bred here!!

This is Ryder and Ally son that is now a finished Champoin. He belongs to Elizabeth Adams!

This is Stormy and she is another Ally daughter that lives in New York with Sonya Mateo!
This is Sunny and she is also an Ally daughter. She will be living in Tx with Lynda Abney.
This is Oliver and he lives in Texas with Karmen Dowell. He is a Becca and Parker Son.
This is Ryker and he lives in Baton Rouge with the Prechter Family! Becca and Parker Son.
This is Ryssa and she lives in Texas with the Huff's.
This is Steele and he lives in Baton Rouge with Toni and her family. He is a Little Lily and Checkers son!
This is Dexter and he lives with Amy. He is a Valerie and Checkers Son..
This is Ego and he lives with Lafayette with Gilbert.. He is a sassie and ringo son..
This is Fenway and he lives with Kerry and Joel in Maine.. He is a Blaze and Piper Son..
This is Ellie. Ellie is a Trixie and Checkers Daughter.
This is Sweet Caroline. She passed away but will never be forgotten!!
This is Cora and she lives in San Antonio with Ms Kathy! Valerie and Checkers Daughter!
This is Max and he lives with Pat in Idaho.. Valerie and Checkers Son
This is Marcel and Little Man. They live in Key West with Emmanuelle. One is a Elmo and Jazzy son and Marcel is a Ears and Checkers son..
This is Duke and he lives in Oregon with Jeremy and Sharon.
This is Tucker. He is a Trixie and Checkers son. He lives in New York with the Kirkpatricks!!
This is Reagan and she lives in San Antonio, Texas with Joanne. She is a Stormy and Checkers Daughter..
This is Luna and she lives with Kevin in Key West. She is a Ringo and Piper daughter..
This is Weebeaux . He lives here in French Settlement with the Cullers. He is a Valerie and Checkers Son..
This is Charlie. He lives in New Orleans with the Brown Family. He is a Ears and Checkers son..
This is Ruby and she lives in Texas with the Spicer's. She is a Trixie and Checkers daughter.
This is Sadie. She lives with the Vogt's in Gretna, La. She is an Ears and Checkers daughter.
This is Bobo and he lives with Ms Kathy. He is a Nikki and Parker son.
This is Katie. She lives in Tn with Stephanie. She is a Raegan and Parker daughter.
This is Cher Bear. She lives with Ms Jan. She is a Stormy and Checkers Daughter.
This is Boudreaux. He is lives with Father Thomas. He is a Valerie and Checkers son.
This Diesel and he lives in Oregon with Kim. He is a Jet and Checkers son.
This is Levi. He is lives with The Grindol's. He is a Val and Checkers son.
This is Maxie and she lives with the Fredericks. She is a Trixie and Checkers Daughter.


If any one would like to send me one i will be happy to add it on here for everyone to see. Thanks!!

In late summer of 2012 my family and I adopted a little man from Daffanie Sullivan named Camden, he was so cuke and chunky I fell in love and watched him grow up over a few weeks and finally convinced my hubby that I just had to add him to our family. We named him Magic Phantom. Daffanie was telling us that every time she turned out he was right on her heels and he kept finding a way out of the exercise pen. When we got him home we had the same thing keep happening but he was so funny to never allow us to see how he did it hence his name haha. We realized several weeks later that he is a climber. He is now the life of our home. Magic truly won everyone over in a matter of minutes from picking him up at the airport. He was super clean and didn't even mess in his crate on his long flight. He was the easiest dog we've ever potty trained. He loves to be the life of the party. He sleeps between my hubby and I every night and has made some long distance trips and done so amazing. He loves to go through the drive thru as he knows he always gets to order something too haha. I seriously wouldn't know what to do without my main man. I never have loved a dog so much in all my life. He is my shadow! I can't thank Daffanie enough as she was very informative and has been there every since for us with all of our questions too. Magic was socialized so well before he even came home and fit in so well with our family. He is amazing with my five children even my smallest who is 2 and he has grown up with him. Thank you so much Daffanie, we love him! Jennifer Crouse

We still cannot find the words to express how much we love our Sullivan's Boston Terrier. The Doctor Macon Artoo Harkness-Rice! Communication was key for my husband and I in choosing a breeder. Daffanie was available anytime, by phone or email to answer my questions..even if they were silly! She understood how I felt being a first time dog owner, and worked hard to put my fears and anxieties at bay. We didnt worry about anything going wrong during transport, as Macon was flying all the way to New Hampshire. Daffanie went the extra mile by sending me a video of our sweet little boy before his flight that morning. I would certainly recommend Sullivan's Boston Terriers to anyone interested in adopting this breed!! THANK YOU DAFFANIE, FOR HELPING OUR FAMILY GROW BY FOUR PAWS! Brigid, Joshua and Macon Rice.

We love Ruby so much! She is stocky, sassy and smart. She sits next to my husband and barks until he puts the laptop away to pet her. She howls in her sleep which is too cute. We take her everywhere we can and she is a well behaved lady. I'm so happy we found you and would recomment your pups to anyone looking to add a special pet to their family.. Becky

I have the two most handsome Boston Terrier's! They are such great little boys! Thank you Daffanie Sullivan

I had been searching for a reputable Boston Breeder for some time. When i contacted Daffanie regarding her puppies for sale in Jan,. she did an amazing job of helping me find my perfect puppy. She took the time to send me multiple photos of each puppy i had requested info. on, and answered all my questions very promptly!! When i picked out my puppy she kept in weekly and bi-weekly communication on how he was doing and sent new pics each week until the time came for shipping. The process went extremely smooth and i was very impressed on how she went above and beyond in her service:). I have a BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY BOSTON and would HIGHLY recommend Daffanie! Thanks!! From Kimberly, Lexy and Guiness too!! Portland Oregon!!

We purchased a puppy from Daffanie in June. He is wonderful. Daffanie was very helpful and it was clear that she cared very well for her dogs. We had our puppy shipped from Louisiana to New York, and we were very nervous about it. He arrived happy and not at all stressed out or nervous. He has adjusted very well to our family and is great with our kids (6 & 8). While we waited for him, Daffanie updated us every couple of weeks with new pics. We were so pleased, that my sister is now also purchasing a puppy from Daffanie. Patricia

The Sullivan's are top breeders..We feel like we made new friends...Excellent communications.. Made us feel very secure in buying from them.. Puppy was shipped and arrived free of anxiety..And in all around good condition..Could not have asked for better service. Charlotte

Daffanie does a great job raising her Boston Terriers. She has some very nice Bostons and she works very hard trying to produce nothing but the best. You can't go wrong buying your Boston from Daffanie. She is always willing to help you in any way any time you might need her or just have a question aout your Boston she is always there t0 answer it the best that she can. So i do not think you can go wrong buying one of Daffanie's puppies. Keep up the good work!! Judy Thomas

I stumbled across the Sullivan's Boston Terrier's Website almost a year ao as I was considering adopting a Boston Terrier after I retired. Much to my pleasure Daffanie mentioned on the site that she was coming to my area for a dog show early in 2012. I spoke with her and met everyone from Sullivan's, as well as her handlers. It was truly an awesome experience and I just loved not only the looks and temperaments of Daffanie's dogs, I felt comfortable with Daffanie and how she cared for and trained her dogs, as well as, how she ran her business. I retired this June, and happily spoke with Daffanie and made arrangements to watch upcoming litters and get on a waiting list for a male. I picked up our new family member last week and not only have we added a family member in Scooter, I have gained friends in Daffanie and her daughter Jess. I am thankful for all of them and for the wisdom and knowledge Daffanie has shared with me. I highly recommend Sullivan's Boston Terrier's and If I ever get another Boston, it will surely be from Daffanie.

Diane Rhodes

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